Let’s talk about sex, baby

My seven-year-old daughter is still my baby girl in my eyes. She’ll always be so - that’s the effect girls have on their Dads - but without wanting Victorian, I’m worried about mixed messages.

In four years’ time she could be fitted with the 'coil’ if she were to (God forbid) do unprotected sex rather than be given the morning after pill. Apparently, while a coil is costlier to fit but the long-term benefits and cost savings are vast.

This follows an NHS pilot that suggests 13-year-old girls should be able to walk into a pharmacy and get the contraceptive pill without parental consent or a GP visit.

Why these sudden mixed messages on sexual health? Why are we even considering this avenue of 'care’?

Pharmacists will of course have to ask fundamental questions but I can’t see my daughter being able to make such a life-changing decision at 11, 12 or 13. She likes Roald Dahl, iCarly and dressing up as a princess or a pop star in a way that’s imaginative and hilarious and long may that continue....

The National Chlamydia Screening Service ring-fenced funds for sexual health education but it didn’t get spent well. Charities help teenagers understand sexual health and actively promote safe sex and there have been countless public health campaigns on the results of unprotected sex. So, are the goalposts moving or am I just a concerned father? My concern is that like obesity it’s all about treatment not education and prevention.

Dean Enon