Know what your brand stands for - and stick to it

The ultimate Marmite figure, Margaret Thatcher and her politics will continue to polarise opinion for years to come.

Yet in the mass outpouring of opinion following her death this week, few doubted what she stood for or what her brand was.

Which brings us on to our PR tip for this week: define a clear mission statement and ensure it runs right the way through your public relations campaigns.

Develop KPIs with your creative agency to measure the extent to which key messages penetrate media coverage, social media, advertising or direct communication.

Establishing key messages is particularly important for businesses who may be entering the world of PR for the first time. Many need help distinguishing themselves from competitors or creating a compelling business proposition.

Take soundings from key staff and ask them: 'why do our customers want to do business with us?’ Take external viewpoints also - this is where a creative consultancy can help.

Use this feedback to create a mission statement - those with a clear identity will rise above the rest as their marketplaces become cluttered.