King of the Swingers Urban Swingers VIP

 “Don’t look down” is a good tip to give someone about to do their first abseil, particularly when it is down the side of Europe’s tallest fixed abseil structure.  The National Abseil Centre, visible from miles around, is a scary place.  I’m glad I did it –  scaring yourself silly puts routine stresses into context - and we helped raise £18,000 for Children in Need.  But I spent the four hours beforehand fishing for tips on how to cope.  I busied myself thinking of a “descent-song”.   I badgered my fellow jumpers from AAH, Annette, Niki, Samantha and Steven, and John from Thornton Ross, for ideas, and Steve nominated Mission Impossible, but he had the muscles to match that song.  When my ever resourceful husband suggested the King Louie song from The Jungle Book it had the feel good factor I needed.  So, while I did Louis Prima no favours with my tuneless take on “I’m the King of the Swingers”, it helped me get down.   As the macho men nudging me off the tower agreed, it was better than cussing.  They even joined in and commended the choice.   I’m now composing a ‘nerve-settling desert-islands list’ of song tones for testing times.   Email us your ideas and we will share them.

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Kay Williamson