Kick the habit

Next Wednesday sees the return of national No Smoking Day and here at Gravitas, we’ve been encouraging people to head into their local pharmacy to quit.

We’ve spoken to 'smoking success stories’ from across the country who have told us about overcoming hurdles to meet their end goal, including beating cravings and seeing past the initial anxiety.

These people have kicked their smoking habit and it’s got us thinking about bad habits in PR. Overcoming these habits is the focus of today’s PR tip.

Being proactive is a great way of getting your brand noticed but for many companies, they only ever react, whether it’s reacting to bad publicity or submitting something to the press when a journalist calls. Create your own opportunities to form good media relationships and get in the spotlight. Providing a comment to the media in light of an event relevant to your industry can eventually make you the go-to company for expert comment.

Another bad PR habit is that of 'staying in the dark ages.’ Brands who dismiss channels such as Twitter, Facebook and blogs as 'fads’ may find themselves lagging behind their competitors who are embracing it. Try to accept the fact that social media is here to stay and it’s a great way to communicate with your customers. Embrace it one step at a time: set up a Twitter account, post videos on YouTube or include a blog on your website.

Beating bad PR habits can really boost your comms strategy, leaving you with fresh breath and without those horrid yellow teeth…oh wait, wrong habit.