I predict a riot

I’m told people like lists so I’m starting 2014 with one of my own.

I hasten to add, I have no source and views and opinions are most definitely mine. So here are my top five anticipated PR gaffes of the coming year.

1 – Politics

I know, an easy one for starters, but I foresee at least one party head having very frank conversations with a member of his team again this year.

But my prediction for most MP-bashing column inches will go to George Osborne. He will no doubt laud ‘better than expected figures’ while the budget deficit will remain too big to be relaxed with.

2 – Sport

Brazil may be favourites to win the World Cup in their own back yard but how will they fair as hosts? They have started the year by missing 50 per cent of their ‘handover’ deadlines – only six of the 12 stadia are complete.

However, while the opening game will start seconds after the finishing brush strokes are applied, my guess is that FIFA top man Sepp Blatter will take this year’s PR gaffe.

I predict he will, yet again, lift the trophy high above his head before handing it over to the winning captain on July 13.

3 – Business

I foresee a gargantuan gaffe on the horizon.

BP, Terminal 5 and Ratner will all pale into insignificance when this one hits the fan and I can see the bosses going wild in the aisles.

Cue a top four supermarket exposé, with one CEO’s misguided comments aimed at customers perhaps while new people continue to pour through Lidl’s doors.

4 – Celebrity

I like the jungle one, albeit last year’s was a bit ‘nicey nicey’, but I know nothing of Celebrity Big Brother.

Attempts at rekindling the embers of a fading career have never been so prevalent looking at this year’s line-up and I’m not convinced taking part is always the right PR move.

I predict – a riot…And, more skeletons than contracts. Dappy to get naked perhaps…

5 – Health

I have to be very careful, here. Mistakes cost lives as we have seen in recent years and PR shouldn’t necessarily be used to cover up failings at the highest levels.

But I fear it will, and statistics will be issued while obscuring the stark truth that something is rotten at its root.

So I’ll keep it light – health secretary quoted as saying our obesity epidemic is turning around prior to being snapped scoffing a bag of donuts.

Dean Enon