HRT in the news - offer a lifeline, earn some love

Sage tea makers, herbal remedy firms, yoga instructors, now is the hour to target women who use HRT.   They will be reeling at today's news linking HRT to an increase in breast cancer.  They need your products and your help.

After years of conflicting advice, a new British study of 39,000 women has shown that hormone replacement therapy is more than twice as likely to cause breast cancer as previously thought.  The good news is the increased risk starts to fall when you come off it.

Researchers have concluded that women taking combined HRT for five years were 170% more likely to develop breast cancer and those who took it for 15 years were 3.3 times more likely. NICE may change its stance on HRT.

For many HRT users, those risks will be too high and they will be seeking exit strategies. Imagine they only suffer from night-sweats, but disrupted sleep means they worry all night about the kids, work etc, so they stick with HRT. Could mindfulness or yoga offer an alternative coping mechanism?

Menopausal women need lifestyle measures to manage the symptoms. If you offer any solutions - be that recipes, vaginal lubricants, cool bedding, yoga films, tai chi classes or sage products - get blogging, brief health writers, and run social media campaigns.  If you run pharmacies and health-food shops, stage menopause open days with experts on hand. 

Showcase your expertise and commit to the time to talk to individual women.  They will love you for it.  Refer them to their GP for full medical advice. 

Breast Cancer Now helped fund the study, which was reported in the British Journal of Cancer.