How to work with online influencers

Influencer marketing has been described as ‘word of mouth for the modern day’. Not surprising as so many consumers have more trust in their influencer, be it a blogger or journalist, celebrity or key opinion leader in industry, than they do just a brand message on its own. Many key influencers are viewed as peers, making them key targets to help push a story or product.

We need to understand how to build effective relationships with influencers, whether it’s a consumer product or a B2B initiative. If you want to get people talking follow the tips below for some positive engagement with your influencer.

  1. Be relevant – Choose influencers wisely. Look at their previous work to see if the company/product is actually something they would be interested in.
  2. Don’t BCC - Once you have established your key influencers, be personable. Don’t BCC with a blanket email – no one sees past that!  Use their name and mention a post of theirs that you enjoyed reading, or if they have written about something similar to your topic, give that a mention too.  But don’t pitch something they’ve already covered!
  3. Get to the point quickly – Use an interesting subject line and write your message. Forget the flowery language and buzzwords – tell the story plain and simple. Influencers are busy people and if they can’t pick out the key messages quickly or easily then you might have just missed your opportunity. Don’t be too ‘pally’ – no kisses or nicknames initially.
  4. Clear press releases – Similar to the email, make sure your press releases are clear and concise. Forget the fuzzy language and make sure that it is easy to understand if the person reading is not already an expert in your topic.
  5. Don’t be afraid to Tweet – If you’re struggling to find your key influencer’s email address send them a tweet. Ask how they would like to be contacted, or ask if it’s okay to DM them and if they reply then go ahead. Also don’t be afraid of a follow up. Not everyone likes them but for people who are getting hundreds of emails a day it can be easy to miss the original email. However, it should go without saying, don’t pester!
  6. Offer something unique – Instead of just sending a top notch press release, think about what else can be offered to the influencer. Could you run a competition, suggest a video idea or offer exclusive interviews? Something that’s just for them.
  7. Don’t micromanage – Now you need to trust your influencer. Sure, give them top line brand information and guidelines, but they don’t need their hand held every step of the way. In order for the content to be authentic you need to take a step back and let the influencer do what they do best.


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