How to create a public awareness campaign

With news that 40% of children in England did not see a dentist last year, the BDA is calling on the government to invest in educating the public before it’s too late.

In light of this we thought we’d share a few pearls of wisdom from our recent UV awareness campaign for children.

Making eye protection the social norm was central to our campaign and we shocked, persuaded and supported parents into taking action.

  • Shock the public with the facts and be direct and straightforward. Issue a strong public health warning about the intensity of the problem using statistics to demonstrate its scale. Shock parents with case studies and images to hammer home the message. 
  • Persuade parents to be good role models by tugging at their heart strings and getting them to instil good habits among children from a young age. Make it become the social norm by using a simple, unambiguous 'call to action' which requires no explanation – children MUST visit a dentist at least once a year.
  • Support parents with knowledgeable content. Offer tips from an expert on getting a toddler to brush their teeth. Or how to talk a teenager, who is scared of the dentist, into sitting in the chair. Design a central hub of information on a website or social media platform to help and support.

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