Honeymoon for Hunt in health?

What do we know of Jeremy Hunt, newly responsible for the NHS, and is the outlook better with him in charge?

Homeopaths should be happy - he has opposed the closure of homeopathic hospitals. His views on abortion are clear too. He voted to slash the legal abortion limit from 24 weeks to 12 - rebelling against his party in doing so.

Concerns have been voiced that he is a "toxic right-winger” who will simply follow the privatisation agenda. Those opposed to NHS reforms will take little comfort in the notion that he’s been drafted in to sell reform, flushed with success from the Olympics.

Hunt is clearly seen as a better communicator than Lansley who focused on detail not dialogue. So maybe he’ll also be given a decent crack at the job. The one thing a healthy NHS needs is to find some common ground over how to deliver a more affordable NHS.

If Hunt can build up trust with patients and clinicians and map out a future where thrift and patient outcomes go hand in hand, he may get a honeymoon of sorts.