Hip Hip Hooray, it's Democracy Day

Today marks a milestone for the UK as we celebrate 750 years living as a democracy, and whilst we still have a long way to go with regards to our politics, there is something else that might be worth celebrating.

A report released today named the British Government as the most transparent government in the world, beating the likes of the US and Sweden. The report was compiled following research into the accessibility of Government information.

Transparency is one of the most respectable traits that a business or organisation can have, and it’s good PR to boot – people like to know they can trust a brand and the people behind it. Look how badly things went for Tesco during the horsemeat scandal or the backlash online against vlogger Zoella (who despite being an individual is also a brand) when it was revealed she used a ghost writer for her book.

If your organisation has some trouble spots it’s best to own up than be caught out. You’re much more likely to be trusted than a brand that decides not to comment at all. After all, it’s often what you don’t say that people hear most.

However, don’t just think that because you’ve told people your organisation has a flaw that it means job done. Acknowledging and sharing is the first step, next you need to show people that you are actively trying to resolve the issue.

Whatever it is, as long as your organisation is open and honest in the right way you should be on to a winner and will be valued as a trustworthy brand.