Herbal highs for team Gravitas

Sweeping changes to use of herbal medicines have been confusing health journalists and consumers, so for client A.Vogel, market leader, it was time to shed some light on the topic.

As of May 2011 new EU laws prevent practitioners, pharmacies and health food stores from selling unlicensed herbal medicines.   All such medicines must be licensed by the MHRA in line with the EU Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive.

As the company who’d secured more of these licences than any other, A.Vogel was ideal to brief journalists on how the changes affected patients.  Our journalist contacts revealed some PR activity that was vague or misleading on the facts. 

We knew our client’s medical director Dr Jen Tan and nutritional therapist Alison Cullen would brief with finesse, so our task was to get the right venue and the key journalists in place.

Hidden behind high walls, moments from Sloane Square, lies the wonderfully calm and large Chelsea Physic Garden.  Strolling around the plant beds are natural remedies for ailments from coughs to cancer.  Of course, the power of healing through plants defines the A.Vogel brand, and I’ve wanted to spend a day in it for years, so a personal ambition was fulfilled.

And boy, did it work!  Questions were asked, myths debunked and the journalists toured the garden and had a body MOT with Ali. The glowing feedback has left all of us on a herbal high!  Well done, team Gravitas!

Kay Williamson