Have you got the right PESO mix?

If you want to engage effectively with existing and potential customers, then you need to find the mix that works best for your organisation within your budget constraints. And if you want to maximise message impact then you need to ensure your chosen channels support each other as part of an integrated campaign.

Paid media covers everything from billboards to highly targeted social media advertising. Even in this digital age, traditional print, radio and TV advertising as well as direct mail remain important ways of reaching your target audience. Social media marketing has become very sophisticated, but don’t let that put you off as there are lots of tools available to help businesses get involved.

Earned media is the result of publicity generated through PR activities. That could be newspaper, TV or radio coverage, but it also includes peer-to-peer word-of-mouth and conversations on social media. Earned media can amplify your message and brand awareness providing a good ROI. Effective PR can provide a wider reach at less cost than paid media.

Nowadays, having a social media strategy is a must have, not an add-on extra. All businesses need to understand how their customers want to engage with them through social media. There are lots of platforms – from Instagram to Twitter – which offer different ways to engage with customers and you need to assess which ones are most appropriate for your business and customer base. You do not need – and should not attempt – to have a presence on every social media platform: just those that are most relevant to your target audience.

That means you also need to consider the kind of technology your customers are using. Most people in the UK have a smartphone or tablet and an increasing number are using these devices to search and place orders for products/services. That’s business you need to capture or it will simply go to your competitors.

As the name suggests owned media includes everything you own that you can use to engage with customers. That could be a website or Facebook account as well as your bricks-and-mortar estate (window displays, poster sites, advertising screens etc).

Businesses are increasingly adopting an omni-channel approach in order to reach customers through numerous touchpoints. Understanding what channels exist, which are most appropriate for your business, which will deliver the best ROI and blending these into an integrated strategy is where Gravitas can help. If you would like to find out more then please get in touch.

James Lindsay, Corporate PR and Government Affairs specialist, is Director of James Lindsay Consulting