Great news for e-cig industry, but be careful of marketing backlash

E-cigarettes have been cleared by Public Health England to not pose significant harm to health, being 95% less harmful than smoking standard cigarettes.

Super news for the industry, but this doesn’t mean that vaping will be automatically accepted by all. See our previous blog post looking at the ethical/class war presented to e-cigs.

With the debate surrounding the use of e-cigarettes in public places there are still plenty of teething problems within this relatively new industry.

It’s worth remembering that the public perception of e-cigarettes does not match reality. Vaping is believed to be equally, or even more harmful than cigarettes. Despite the evidence it will take a lot of time to convince the public otherwise, and because of this, e-cigarette companies’ every action will be scrutinised.

There are currently no restrictions on the marketing and advertising of e-cigarettes, but there are still considerations to be had. Here’s our three-point-plan on how to avoid backlash following PR and marketing techniques.

  1. Decide your stance and stick to it. Is the brand a smoking cessation product or is it a long term alternative to smoking? Whatever it is make your message clear and transparent to avoid any backlash in the future
  2. Whilst cigarette advertising has been long banned, don’t go down the same route as by using sex to sell. Make the product a clean alternative to the much dirtier counterpart
  3. Be there for the person who wants to give up smoking. Don’t target non-smokers. There’s the argument that some younger people may be susceptible to e-cigarette promotion so if you are taking the moral high ground don’t be a gateway into smoking for the young.