Gravitas goes through the emotions

I think we already hold the PR consultancy world-record for using ‘people profiling’ tools.

Myers Briggs, Belbin, Transactional Analysis, DISC analysis – you name it, we’ve used it if it helps us to get the best out of our team and our client relationships.  I first bit the bug working at Charles Barker where I first encountered TA.

But now, to make us even more fully-rounded, we’ve added Emotional Intelligence analysis to the list.

Every one of us, from newest account executive to myself and my long-suffering husband, has just undergone a searching focus on our emotional resilience.

It involved confidential questionnaires and a group training session, led by Stuart Thomas of the My Big Toe Company Ltd, to study how well we understand the feelings that drive our actions, so we are better able to shape those actions for the good of the team and our clients.

Overall results showed that where emotional intelligence is concerned we are very functional with a clear direction on what to do, what to stop doing, and what to get better at.

What especially pleased was the finding that we are sky-high at happiness levels, so we’re actually a naturally resilient bunch and bounce back after a bad day.

So I say, bring on the heat – we can take it!

Kay Williamson