Google knows your audience, but how well do you?

With Google’s algorithms becoming more and more sophisticated, knowing your user is becoming increasingly important to improve your search rankings.

User intent and semantics is now brought in to the equation – so you need to know what your users are seeking. Google’s able to understand their wants and needs by tracking their patterns – including what they’re searching for and what they’re clicking on.

Knowing what your audience is into can help you develop rich, relevant content to encourage them to engage with your website. For example, if you’re selling baby products, develop Q&As around what parents might be asking (typing into Google). Don’t just sell.

Continuing on this theme - if your audience is predominantly parents, you need to let Google know that you’re a parenting website. This is done through your content. By focusing on user intent, Google can tell who’s a parent, and by doing a good job with your content, Google can now match you to your audience much more easily.

A way to find out more about your users is to check your analytics. What pages are being visited most? What search terms are being used to get to your website? Which have the lowest bounce rate? To get really personal you could send out a survey to your audience to really hone in on their wants and needs.

It used to be that knowing your keywords was enough, but Google is constantly updating its algorithms so it’s important to stay on top. One thing that is for sure is that you need to know your audience well – just as Google does.

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