Follow "Jo Loves " for branding tips

For a masterclass in brand intimacy follow Jo Malone. 

Last night we watched her launch her new perfumery shop in London to a gathering of powerful business women to raise funds for Wellchild, our charity.

Not one word of her speech was wasted as she spoke of how she started her first business, sold it and then battled breast cancer.  Her passion for her new shop and blending scent ingredients was explained with wit and charm.

Every woman there loved hearing her tips for managing a business, kids and life.

Jo confessed she had no GCSEs and cannot drive.   We laughed and admired her cheery, cherry-coloured outfit and sensible specs.  

Judging from the event tweets, her new shop will be swamped by affluent women who want a slice of Jo in their daily lives.

The media love her and she should attract staff who embody some of her style and values. 

She will expand, trade online and surely export millions of slices of pure Jo. 

Lessons?  Loosen up, brand owners and drop your guard a bit.  Tell your story and share some of your secrets, failures and dreams.   Give your audience a reason to believe in you and to connect.