Five ways you should be using Periscope to enhance your brand

Live-streaming through apps like Periscope is the latest development in social media. Early adopters have mixed opinions on how it can help or hinder brands but whatever side you fall the power of Periscope cannot be denied.

While brands move to harness it in the right ways this direct line to the consumer for brands cannot be understated in its value. With footage viewable via the app for up to 24 hours and the option to post it permanently on Facebook and YouTube you can create a powerful, raw media library that will stay with you long after the event you streamed is over.

Where there are obvious applications for live-streaming – sporting events, conferences and beauty demonstrations etc – it can feel like a no-brainer but how else can you make Periscope work for your brand?

1. Live Q&A sessions

What better way to get instant feedback around your brand than by doing so live Q&As? There’s plenty of time to create buzz on Twitter, Facebook and your other platforms of choice ahead of the stream and during? You can use product placement and behind the scenes information to build immediate trust and likeability with fans - there's nothing better than a transparent brand.

2. Enhanced endorsements from influencers

Influencer marketing is always powerful but use your celeb ambassadors in real time to connect with your consumers. From a live Reddit-style #AMA (Ask Me Anything) or answers to pre-selected questions to backstage access or a competition launch your audience will get to know your brand through your ambassador. Make the most of them.

3. Sneak Peeks/Teasers and Big Reveals

Got a must have new product about to launch? By giving your audience just enough teaser info you’ll make them start their own countdown to launch day. Alternatively, get them involved in the early stages and ask for feedback on a possible new product or service – they’ll feel valued and more likely to buy if the product does ever hit the shelves.

Give new products or big announcements the love they deserve and create a real ‘you had to be there’ feeling by live-streaming them. Make a spectacle that really captures your audience.

4. Live tours

Take a leaf out of the British Museum’s book and bring your exhibits to life by live-streaming them. Not quite on the same scale as a museum? A local estate agent in Cambridgeshire has started live-streaming houses he’s got on the market for people who can’t make viewings and has seen an increase in the number of people viewing. Perfect for those of us who can't get to viewings until weekends and it could mean properties get snapped up faster which is great news for sellers and landlords.

5. Campaign Roadshows

Taking your message on the road? Why not live-stream it! You can't physically take all your fans with you so bring them along on social media instead.

We'll be using Periscope next month for an eye health awareness campaign - broadcasting from roadshow locations as we travel around the UK over two weeks. Watch our celebs spreading the 'Practise Safe Sun' message and our opticians providing free advice on eye health live on Twitter @TAYEUK during the first two weeks of July.