Five Tips To Be A 'Go To' Media Contact

After a busy day of face-to-face media briefings in London, in popped an email from a new health journalist describing Gravitas PR as the new “go-to” health contact for her page.

Powerful media relationships mean journalists come to us with opportunities, as well as us pitching to them and generates much better results for our clients.

It’s easy to stand out in a crowd with these five key points:

  • Do your homework – read the journalist’s work and suss out whether they’ll be interested in your company or service.  A lot of media databases publish previous articles. Buy some back copies and browse online. You’d be surprised how many PRs still don’t do this.


  • Face time – getting in front of a journalist for a face to face briefing is time well spent. It builds rapport so the journalist is more likely to take your call or open emails, as you’ve got that foundation of trust.


  • Personalised approach – don’t mass mail contacts and expect results. Instead, pitch the story and send a personal email to follow up. It’s worth asking permission to follow up a few days later or find out when they’re having a features/content meeting. By getting permission, you’re avoiding the trap of calling to see if they’ve read your press release – which journalists hate.


  • Be reliable – always stick to your word and don’t promise anything without knowing you can deliver. You’ll instantly lose trust if a journalist cannot depend on you.


  • Availability – be available 24x7x52   

Good media relations takes time but eventually your little black contact book will be full of useful contacts and sometimes friends.