Feed-in tariffs - hands off our solar panels!

Feed-in tariffs (FITs) have fired up many people to become mini-energy suppliers, feeding solar-panel generated energy into the grid.

The security blanket of a bit more energy-self-sufficiency is as comforting as doing one’s bit for the planet.  The investment return has made it just attractive enough to make the effort to get on board.  As an environmental PR specialist, if I can get them on the roof of our Grade 11 listed Georgian town-house without freaking out the council, I’m all for it.

And yet, nothing is immune to Government review and rumours are that the axe may fall or just salami slice it into lower prices for  the energy or a reduced contract term with Ogfem.

If that happens, will the apathetic British public decide it’s too much of a bother.  I fear they may.

Surely the bright financial brains of Government can see a way to protect renewable energy and help Middle Englanders with a smart investment option.  Here’s hoping.

Kay Williamson