Fat chance of surviving

How can the world’s fattest woman be allowed to set herself the astonishing goal of becoming the fattest woman ever?

Susanne Eman from Arizona and weighing in at 52st says that she wishes to reach the mountainous weight of 115st; what I’m keen to establish is why should she be allowed to do this at all?

Ok, so they have a different health system across the pond and she will no doubt have to pay for her own hospital treatment – which will be costly and probably short lived looking at her life expectancy. But, how different is this from people attempting suicide? How far removed is it from smoking, drinking or drug use? And, while she may be a million knicker elastics away from the equally sickening size zero what she is essentially doing is killing herself.

“I want to break the stigma that being fat is a bad thing,” she claimed. Well I agree, and if this is the message aimed at young girls starving themselves to be the next catwalk queen I’d champion the message too. But, alas it isn’t. It’s an ill-judged flippant remark from a misguided fool.

Hundreds of thousands of women strive to lose weight and will yo-yo for most of their lives. There is nothing clever about a 20,000 daily calorie intake – if she were doing it at the expense of our health system and by doing so placing greater strain on the NHS than her bed no doubt takes I’d personally do a sponsored fast to raise money for her gastric band.

Dean Enon