Eight tips to be the ultimate trade exhibitor

Trade shows are the perfect platform to showcase your business and what you have to offer. Follow our tips to become Master of the trade show and harness the opportunities presented for your business.

  1. Know why you’re going - are you launching a new product, making new business relationships or handing out samples? Stimulating in depth conversations and plan around that.
  2. Set clear goals – make the most of your time at the event and set yourself ambitious targets, e.g. generate x30 new business leads, hand out 1,000 business cards etc.
  3. Let visitors know you’re going – often exhibitors will be listed on the shows website. Go further than this – will they link to your website? Perhaps there are sponsorship opportunities you could be a part of? What about the show’s social media channels? Use these as well as using your own network to let people know where you’re going to be. Send emails, make conversations. You might set up some meetings before you’ve even got there.
  4. Exploit the show’s press office – Each trade show will have a press office to send out show and exhibitor news to the industry. Use them. Send them news and updates. Let them know if you’re launching a product or doing a giveaway. It’s essentially free PR for your business!
  5. Staff your stand with the best people – they will be representing your company. Make sure they have enough company knowledge – test them how they would respond to a difficult question. Have they been briefed on the goals for the show?
  6. Drive delegates to your stand (and make them stay!) – To compel visitors your stand must be interesting. Have your visitors in mind – what do they want from you at the show? Perhaps you could do some demos or on-stand talks at particular times to draw visitors in. Think about samples or even a competition.
  7. Invite the press – if you’re doing the last step right, you should invite the press to visit your stand. They’re there to cover the exhibition so make use of the fact that you’re in the same building!
  8. Make your follow ups count – don’t just send a mass mailing to all the business cards you collected. Send personalised emails and recall your conversations. You wouldn’t believe how far the personal touch can go.



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