Deal that needs PR energy

Energy companies are licking their lips at the prospect of extra profits following the Government’s “Green Deal” announcement.

The focus on making millions of homes low-carbon efficient offers clear and ample opportunities for boosting business.

On the face of it the deal, the most ambitious energy-saving plan ever created, looks straightforward enough.

People take out loans to fund the work and pay them back over 25 years through their energy bills.

But – there is nothing to say they have to have the work done, and with only one in three saying they are prepared to insulate their homes they are plainly going to take some convincing.

All the more so when research shows energy companies score low on consumer confidence.

George Monbiot of The Guardian writes of the plan: “We are not playing with something trivial here. This is about the survival of the earth system, the biosphere which gives us life and sustains everything including the economy.”

I could not agree more – but for it to succeed companies must be able to create and present some very convincing arguments if they are to persuade people to borrow for something they don’t particularly want.

To do that they will need to put all the energy they can into strong and sustained marketing and the sort of PR that wins hearts and minds…and business.

Kay Williamson