I am part of a catshare agreement.  For the uninitiated, this arrangement involves sharing the care of a local moggy with my neighbour, and I’m sure this ‘till death us do part’ agreement to split housing and feeding a pet both reduces my carbon footprint and adds to the community spirit in my neighbourhood. 

However lately we’ve hit an impasse in our arrangement.  Sadly, our cat has been diagnosed with stomach cancer, and the palliative treatment of steroid tablets and a special diet has caused a certain amount of friction. 

Being civilised people, we’re not arguing about the veterinary bills.  However administering the treatment is another matter entirely. 

Cats are not entirely compliant patients.  They would much rather spit a pill out than swallow it, and this particular cat has developed the habit of ‘disappearing’ when he hears the rattle of the pill bottle. 

When we’ve finally found him, it takes one of us to hold him, another to open his mouth and drop the pill directly into his gullet, and a third person to gently close his mouth so he has to swallow the pill. 

We’re acting on the advice of the vet, who assures us that the cat still has a desire to live, and should be given this treatment for another week or so.

Ruth Ashton

But why doesn’t my local vet provide advice on the best method of administering pills to a cat?