Beginners guide to creating company ambassadors on linkedIn

A socially savvy company should take steps to maximise its employees’ LinkedIn profiles for the greater good of the business.

Used effectively, LinkedIn increases brand visibility, drives leads, improves SEO and ultimately increases sales. Don’t be limited with just a company LinkedIn page, ask employees to help drive engagement and visibility levels.

So whether it’s the managing director or an intern, an employees’ buy-in to support LinkedIn efforts goes a long way to maximising the network’s potential.

Follow these simple steps to create company ambassadors:

  • Firstly, get employee buy-in – employees and their employers are closely associated so encourage staff to become brand ambassadors by sharing why their help can benefit the business. Introduce an employee engagement programme in your staff handbook to encourage best practise.
  • Look the part – a professional looking profile image will help make the best first impression for both an employee and employer. 
  • Customise URL names – add a website description in the contact information section to help with google searches, instead of selecting ‘other’. Describe the web link with keywords such as company name so it’s really clear.
  • SEO your profile – adding key words such as the company name to the professional headline, rather than just your title, will help people find the business in google searches.
  • Rearrange profiles – click and drag to reshuffle things in order of importance. Recommendations should feature higher than the ‘additional information’ section.
  • Get active – once the profile is complete, begin publishing blogs and case studies.
  • Sharing content - promoting the company content on LinkedIn is a great way to reach more prospects. Liking, commenting or sharing company activity increases visibility to a wider network.
  • Make connections – be proactive and connect with people. Set aside time to dedicate to looking for new people. This puts the employee and employer front of mind and helps reach thousands of people who may be interested in reading and engaging with the company’s content.  
  • Join groups – join groups where potential clients or leads are. Interact with members and use it for research purposes. Even better, start up your own group.
  • Schedule reminders - maintain momentum by scheduling reminders each week to spend time on LinkedIn, building connections, sharing content and dedicating time to being a company ambassador.

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