Its Chinese New Year on January 28.  The Year of the Rooster begins.    If you’re born under this sign, in 1933, 1945, 1957,1969, 1981, 1993 or 2005, you are a rooster. 

According to Chinese mythology that means you’re probably trustworthy, hard-working and sociable but also a shameless attention-seeker.

Even if you’re none of the above, if you’re exhibiting at 100% Optical this Feb 4-6, it’s time to get crowing.

The show, at London’s Excel, always sees the best launches in the optical industry. Exhibitors who publicise their presence do get noticed by visitors and the media.

We are The 100% Newshounds and we urge all its exhibitors to leverage their investment with our “seven ways to crow at a show” plan.


Crow in a media pack with cracking images

Develop your own press release that tells your business story – with your strongest product and company news. Provide this in a readily accessible format, in a Word document that we and the organisers can get onto a USB stick.  Ensure journalists can copy and paste the copy, so don’t supply the document as a locked PDF item.  Strong, professional product or people images supplied on j-pegs of 2-3 meg can be popular with journalists.  Marketing literature can be supplied as background, but journalists may not rely on that alone to create editorial.


Crow to journalists, but don’t over-egg it

Got a new product or service? Then tell the trade press and the Newshounds. Some of the media are actively seeking the latest news.   Do a good press release. Don’t over-egg things however.  Don’t stage a full-blown press conference or press event unless your launch is ground-breaking and complex. Just invite some or your key media and trade contacts to visit your stand.  Suggest a time that would be good for a quick chat over coffee, but be flexible if they run late.   Also, don’t claim a world-first if you don’t have one. 


Crow creatively from your stand

Arrange something at your stand that really will make you stand out. Could you invite a celebrity or special guest that has relevance to your company or product? Can you create an artwork with visitors? Can you stage a ‘world-first’ stunt?  Remember the 2016 British Bulldog on the catwalk and be lateral in your thinking.    What would inspire people to want to engage with you?


Crow on social media

Create your own social media coverage of what you’re doing at the show, before, during and after Feb 4-6. Use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or any other channels to Interact with the organisers, visitors, speakers, experts and us Newshounds at Gravitas PR. Use the show hashtags.  Show you’re a player in this sector, let your passion for your products, your people and your customers radiate through strong, colourful content, with photos and short videos.


Crow from the podium

Speaking opportunities may be available, either from the main conference stage, or through one-to-one ‘ask the expert’ sessions.  While now too late for 2017 (speaking engagements get booked early) think about the 2018 show.   Identify a few topics that would be appeal to visitors then. Create a document that showcases your presentation skills and areas of expertise, and send it to the conference organiser at the right time.


Crow through the organisers

We’ll assume you’ve exploited every free promotional tools offered by the organiser:  sponsorship and branding opportunities, new product showcases and the Newshounds service. Now, tell the Newshounds if you place real orders at the show or some other success.  That’s newsworthy and reflects well on your organisation.


Crow after the show

Captured every contact made with customers, prospects and media at the show?  Right after the show, ensure the team follow up all leads.  It’s tempting to take a break but  If you’ve created the right buzz at the show, keep crowing.