Awareness weeks promote essential health check-ups

As we go to press on this newsletter, look out for giant red hearts being splashed across the regional media and in the windows of independent pharmacies.

We are promoting 'pressure points’ where the public can pop in, without appointment, to have a free blood pressure test during the UK’s Know Your Numbers Week running from September 10-16. We are also promoting a new smart phone application on to help patients remember their number and to act as a reminder for their next check-up.

Campaign backers, All About Health, say that millions of people are a 'ticking time-bomb’, failing to have their blood pressure checked when this is the only way to detect conditions which usually present no outward symptoms.

Campaigning for diabetes pharmacy check-ups

About 850,000 people suffer from undiagnosed Type 2 diabetes in the UK with many unaware of its symptoms. If left untreated it can lead to eye damage, kidney damage, heart disease and poor leg circulation and leave people more susceptible to infections.

During Diabetes Awareness Week we helped our client All About Health to promote pharmacy as the place to go for check-ups to get a diabetes all-clear.

We recruited 25 of their member pharmacies to take part in local media activity that drove customers into their stores, through editorial coverage in each pharmacy territory.

The pharmacies had higher footfall during the week and with our total media coverage reaching 800,000 people - nearly the same as the 850,000 undiagnosed people - both the condition and the role of the high-street pharmacist got a real publicity boost.