Are we an 'eat then treat’ society?

So the NHS is squandering money again it seems, and so much cash is being flittered away that not even the most robust gastric band could curtail it. 

Yes, this week we can blame overweight people for the lack of cash left in the NHS coffers (to the tune of £29 million a year it was reported today) – last week it was probably smokers and next week who knows – children? They’ve not taken the flack for a great deal yet so let’s save a few, yet unearthed, wasted £ millions that our children can take the blame for. 

Obesity is an issue and quite rightly sits high on the NHS agenda; but what is it with today’s society that surgery isn’t necessarily seen as the final throw of a dice but instead an alternative. 

And what are the alternatives? A healthy lifestyle? A balanced diet? Regular exercise? 

Whether that’s to shift the pounds or to keep them at arm’s length we have to take the blame for our ‘eat then treat’ culture. 

There are countless ways to lose weight fast, from well organised support groups to living off something that is home-cooked in a big saucepan and bubbles away for a few weeks while turning everything in its vicinity into a cabbage-green smelling no-go zone. 

Surely the key is weight management, agreed goals and a healthcare professional. Like your local pharmacist for example to guide you along – and not a public weigh-in in sight. 

I personally went through a similar programme with a pharmacy assistant recently, not to lose weight but to help me with another vice, and sometimes it’s just good to talk.

Dean Enon