Are PR’s immune to their own tricks?

At a time when people are busy Christmas shopping, partying or just looking forward to the holiday season, getting consumers to pay attention and react can be tricky.

As a PR professional you may think that I would be immune to the tricks of the trade, and should know full well that playing on the emotions of consumers is a sure fire way to get people hooked.

But this year I was stopped in my tracks by a short film created for the annual NHS Blood and Transplant campaign. Cheerful scenes of children’s dreamy Christmas wishes ending sombrely with a young girl requesting blood as her Christmas gift was exactly the formula it took to drive home a serious message without making me feel guilty. And as a result I booked that potentially life-saving appointment. 

So you may say I’ve fallen into the ‘mothers’ heart-strings’ trap but put the message into context and it’s actually a very simple and effective way to deliver a serious call to action. What’s not to like about that?

Hannah Dudek