A picture tells a thousand words

The front pages today are awash with a picture of a young girl dodging a kiss from Prince William. Is this just cute or a good PR tactic?

Today’s PR tip focuses on the strength of a photocall. Think about it, if someone had simply written about the ‘kiss dodging incident’ would it have had the same front page presence? Probably not.

Photocalls can be an effective way of getting your message across with a bit of creative backing. If you’re taking part in an awareness day, use a prop to create a wow factor and make sure you tell the press about it.

Think about what media and your target audience want to see, will a formal corporate picture of your CEO fit in with a woman’s glossy magazine? What can you add to a picture - would it be better if they were photographed jumping out of a plane or wearing fancy dress?

Photocalls with a bit of thought behind them can create interest and potentially boost reputation. What do you think make the best photocalls? Tweet us @gravitaspr with the hashtag #yestophotocalls