A moving day at the cricket

As usual the Gravitas party had a splendid day at the annual Cheltenham Cricket Festival – excellent food, wine and play in brilliant sunshine in the superb setting of Cheltenham Boys’ College. 

So agreeably relaxed was it, in fact, that one of our party formed a telepathic relationship during the game with one of the Gloucestershire players. 

This lofty young man was fielding on the boundary and took up position directly in front of the guest’s seat, blocking his view of the batsman. 

No problem, guest thought, moving a couple of seats to his right. A few moments later the fielder strolled a couple of feet to his own right, again blotting vision. 

Ah, well…guest left it for a while then shifted back to his original position – upon which the fielder shuffled back to his previous spot, too. 

Twice more it happened before everyone retired for tea.

Later, by sheer chance, the two bumped into each other while booking in at the same hotel. When our friend amiably mentioned what had happened enlightenment dawned on the player’s face. 

“That explains it,” he said. “Have you ever had that funny feeling that someone was staring at you behind your back..?”

David Leake