A glimpse into the future

Health monitoring technology is proving to be a big trend at this year’s Consumer Technology Show.

Whilst wearable tech is nothing new, we’re seeing a shift towards a “one device fits all” approach, measuring pretty much everything.

One thing we spotted and thought sounded very clever was wearable wellness body measurement device called Mybiody Balance, developed by French company BBRC Aminogram. It’s a v-shaped gadget that attaches to your ankle and sends vital stats including fat, water and muscle mass to your mobile or laptop.  See what the BBC technology reporter thought on this short video

Health monitoring wristbands were also tipped as the next big thing with Sony launching the Core, which when worn as a part of a bracelet, necklace or carried in a wallet, keeps track of the users life including sleep habits, socialising, how many movies the user has watched or what music he or she has been listening to. It then feeds back advice about suitable activities or changes in behaviour to improve both physical and mental health.

At Gravitas we’re always up for keeping track of our health and really believe that technology can help you keep one step ahead when it comes to wellbeing – although the Core does sound a little “big brotherish” but this shift on taking responsibility for your health and wellbeing is an empowering one.

Technology and monitoring also have a huge potential to shift focus to preventative health, which as a result should have a knock on effect on GPs time.

Over the years we’ve helped many clients launch new health gadgets and apps into the marketplace from blood pressure and fitness monitors to ovulation testers and we’re really looking forward to seeing what’s around the corner in 2015.