A campaign by any other name is still a campaign

It’s nigh on three weeks since public health was placed in the hands of local authorities.

And while its focus is spending the right money in the right areas, the basic principles in managing public health should be no different to managing any local campaign. So this week’s PR tip looks at a three-point plan.

1 – Speak to your stakeholders

Those with a vested interest in anything you do should be consulted. They’re a minefield of knowledge and will often understand what grips an audience better than you do because they are intrinsically part of it.

2 – Understand your market

Know your proposition and make sure it fits; if it is a clear one make sure your key messages hit the right note with the right people.

Talk their language and make sure it’s within what they read, what they watch and what they surf.

3 – Understand your demographic

And finally it’s vital to know your demographic. While your market may be the same UK-wide, a 30-mile shift in any direction can swing the emphasis of your message to the other end of the scale.

Each local authority will have a public health issue different from the next and PR is no different – so understand the issues facing your publics. Research, a survey or a poll of public opinion will not only give you a better idea of what’s happening it may also give you your first headline.