A bitter pill to swallow

If Boots the chemist thought they had it all their own way, bullying our independent rural pharmacies into submission by the tote-load and forcing those that survive to live off knock down aftershave box sets at Christmas, it didn’t realise that it would become David to the Goliath that is Tesco.

For a price war has broken out on the high street and history tells us that Tesco is quite good at winning these battles.

The war in question is over a little blue pill called sildenafil. So what you may scream; but sildenafil has been offering a little ‘boost’ to the male population for more than ten years now as it’s more commonly known by its branded name – Viagra.

Yes, since Viagra became a prescription medicine in the late 90s, many a rampant young male has devised plans to get their hands on the magic pill regardless of an ED problem or not. Normally through dodgy internet sites, dodgy because the active ingredient through these purchases are likely to be less medicinal than an Edwardian leach. Now the day has arrived and it can be requested through your pharmacist at little more of an outlay than that which I was once offered by a taxi driver  of all people...selling some variant of the pill (probably bought through an internet site) from the glove box of his car and clearly with no thought for my long-term partner who was sat in the back.

But before we all rush out to visit Tesco - currently selling Viagra at half the price that Boots is selling it for – we need to remember that pharmacists have a job to do, and they will not be dishing out love potions to all comers just yet.

You will need to be between 40 and 65 and fill in a questionnaire. You’ll also have to undergo a blood pressure and a diabetes test and answer some private questions. However, if you do fit the bill you’ll no doubt find your pharmacist knowledgeable, discreet and helpful; after all – every little helps.

Dean Enon