360⁰ videos - the future of news broadcasting & the next big brand opportunity

Sky News has released a video of the refugee crisis using 360⁰ video, allowing the user to click and drag the screen to get a full view of the scene.

More impressively, watching the video on your phone allows you to move the image, as though you were taking a picture, to reveal a full 360 view of the report.

Could 360 video be the future of news broadcasting?

In terms of online reporting it’s an amazing leap for technology. It allows audiences get closer and actually to be in the moment of the report and to witness real, unedited events.

However, it might not be for everyone. Clicking and dragging on Youtube can be clunky so best experience would be to watch on phones or tablets – but if not connected to wifi this could destroy your data. Also, as the technology is still new, the videos aren’t of the greatest quality.

In the future it would be great to see this incorporated into smart TVs to really give viewers a unique experience. Imagine watching a news report on your HD/3D television. That’ll get the kids watching!

There have been other 360⁰ videos released, such as a BBC News video from Place de la République showing the aftermath of the Paris attacks. There are also more light-hearted videos, including a snippet of The Lion King on Broadway, a tour of Times Square and even a 360⁰ degree music video.

So what opportunities are there for brands to use 360videos?  They could offer a tour of their offices or factories – assuming they’re a company like Google! Or maybe offer 360⁰ conferences, particularly great for absent delegates. It would also be great for promotional videos (such as the Lion King one above) – maybe you’d like to show off some products – why waste time filming them individually when you can film them all at once?!