2016 Campaigns we loved - #NHScurator Twitter storytelling

In October NHS England launched a new Twitter account to showcase patient and staff stories with a new individual ‘curating’ or taking over the account every week.

Designed to “lift the lid” on the NHS through the voices of the people on its frontline it started with a video posted on the account featuring Dan Smith, a consultant paramedic.

The purpose of “holding a magnifying glass up to the system” was to improve the way NHS care is delivered.

Twitter promoted the NHS account to its 18 million UK users and patients also curated the account, sharing the ups and downs of their condition and care.

This campaign scored brilliantly in terms of empathy. The stories and experiences being shared were powerful and everyone could relate to them.

With all tweets done under the handle @NHS, with hashtag #NHScurator and with each curator known by their own unique hashtag and starting their tweet with #HelloMyNameIs it was a brilliantly cohesive and recognisable campaign.

Video features showed real life stories and NHS staff tweets about their work helped patients to fully appreciate the daily working lives of NHS staff.

NHS curators shared the details of life threatening conditions, and the campaign staged callouts to encourage people to tweet questions in advance using #Team999 with video answers posted the following day.

Similar to national projects that have run in Sweden and Ireland, this heart-warming account was well received in England and we applaud it.