Leadership - more than people management

The manager of my favourite football team resigned recently, just days before the new season started. Experts say there was a breakdown in his relationship with the board, a restriction on spending and the impending loss of key players, all of which would thwart his ambitions. 

His leadership was exciting: last year we achieved a League Cup final, an FA Cup semi-final, European qualification - and he built a young team to match anybody on their day, including victories over all the top sides. 

But some at the club say a cloud lifted when he departed, because his controlling, micro-management style meant everything was down to him, from top to bottom. And his success came at a huge financial cost too – which ultimately caused the chairman to apply the brakes. 

Management is a fascinating topic and leadership is at the heart of it – for what can be achieved by managing a team if they do not trust your judgement and follow your leadership? It is about much more than people management – planning, training and purse strings all spring to mind in this case. 

What is of particular interest to one of our clients, return on investment experts abdi, is the vital importance of planning ahead, to ensure success, as well as measuring the impact of the changes to see what was achieved. Their mantra is: ‘Why would you spend a single penny unless you know what you want it to achieve, and can measure what it has achieved afterwards?’ 

Had this football manager known the mantra, he may well still be at the helm of a happy ship. The good news for fans however, is we got off to a winning start without him.

Andy Rea